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Past and active research topics include:

My main contributions focused on fundamental aspects of information processing (inference, learning, security, privacy, storage, and communication) for problems arising in a broad range of applications.

Past and active research topics include:

  1. PuceNetwork Information Theory (multi-terminal lossy compression, capacity regions and bounds on information rates)

  2. PuceInformation Theory and Statistics (inference, universal source coding, distributed binary detection)

  3. PuceDeep Learning and Distributed Representations (information-theoretic clustering, classification, generalization capacity)

  4. PuceCommunication Mechanisms for Security and Privacy (novel security paradigms, secure key generation, privacy, data anonymization)

  5. PuceCommunication Mechanisms for Cooperation and Feedback (capacity regions and bounds on information rates)

  6. PuceInformation Theory and Stochastic Geometry (cooperation in heterogeneous and ad-hoc wireless networks)

  7. PuceCommunication Mechanisms for Time-Varying Networks (different types of state information, finite-length regime)

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